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If you find yourselves a passionate Franchisee  we’ve already done a set-up for you to be the next inspiring entrepreneur. Be our friend and be ready to establish your own Nutreat Kitchen. 

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A bit about us before we hug

From a small home kitchen of 120-square-foot Nutreat is every where in India serving it's freshest handcrafted foods through the e-commerce site. We’ve been nourishing babies, pregnant women, health freak, busy professionals, the and lots of great tribe for over 8 years.

Click below to learn more about how we got here, as well as the work we’re putting in toward building a better future.

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It's a big range you are not limited 

Nutreat has something for everyone and for our Franchisees too. Discover the range of handcrafted foods that works best for you with Nutreat! With 7 categories to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your individual Franchise needs. 

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Rapidly growing yet sustainably

Our success story is so deep rooted & organic. We believe in 1 on 1 customer service which made us as one of the best organic brands in India.

  • Internet's only brand Handcrafting & Customizing foods

  • Procures handpicked crop from farmer not from dealers

  • Handcrafted by rural women

  • Fastest growing

  • 93% of returning customer value online

  • Huge range of product categories

  • Average customer life span- 3.5 years

Why Nutreat ?

Get Started

Ready to join the claypot family? Check out our Kitchen proposals to see which one may be right for you. After that, we’ll begin our Qualification and Approval process.

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