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Our Franchise Models

Our Kitchen is not conventional, it is ancestral & traditional yet comes in many shapes and sizes. Dive into our crazy and loveable through our  models below to see which fits right for you.

Nutreat handcrafted foods

The Traditional Kitchen



Customized Kitchen

With its highly customised  home kitchen setup, the traditional Kitchen is easily adaptable. Product is delivered on pre-order.

Area required from 190 sq.ft

This cafe model will provide an irresistible experience for both to-go and dine-in customers with the unique concept of serving even for babies.

Area required for 25 running feet

These special  units can be implemented in a wide variety of locations and are efficient tools for capitalizing on high foot traffic.

Area required- 6 by 6 feet

Very much suitable if you are an healthcare provider or own a Gym or any wellness centres. You can serve your clients with your own recipes that are pre-handcrafted at  Nutreat home Kicthen.

Area required from 190 sq.ft

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