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Traditional Events

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Motherly Porridges

Right from 6th month man indulges in the taste of porridge for a healthy startup. Not only in India every country & culture has the same ritual of feeding a homemade porridge. In a baby shower party or during " Early Food" Party you can make experience your baby the real annaprashan porridge as well as your guests and gift them the real tasty healthy food. Suitable during baby shower parties, 11th day function of baby or Annaprashan day event.

Desserts by Nutreat

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Our Nutreat Dessert Tasting Parties are the perfect thing for your summer or any unforgettable events you may have. We believe that healthy foods can be tasty too and we will show you! During our parties, guests sample a variety of desserts made with all-natural ingredients. These include vegan treats like delicious smoothies; to traditional chocolates decorated in natural flavours from cocoa powder and nuts, creating both guilt-free & indulgent snacks! Perfect for those who want something sweet without sacrificing their health goals - come join us and try out these unique desserts today!

Lost recipes tasting parties

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Nutreat's Lost Recipes tasting parties are something you won't want to miss. We've scoured the world and collected 18+ of the most unique lost recipes that many have never tasted before. Guests will be able to sample a variety of flavors they may not have otherwise known existed, in an environment coated with laughter and love. Come join us for this one-of-a-kind event; it is sure to be the most memorable event of your life!

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