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"We believe that self-made entrepreneurs are so passionate & produce the real & unadulterated. There are hundreds of communities looking for such unadulterated products"

Sell that you


Scented Soap Bars

"When you have a real & unadulterated product that can serve & make our communities feel better, you are on the right place where millions of people are looking for authentic products from you"


List your products at just for free lifetime and pay only 10(Global)+2% on transaction for Razorpay

We take care

You just focus on developing & producing real & unadulterated products we will take care of your online presence & SEO


When you do great we elevate you great. Deal ! We put all our efforts to put you in right tribe where exactly you have to be. 

You Don't Need

"Website Any More"

We take care of your complete e-commerce business

We will do all your page SEO, SMS Marketing, Broadcasting, Reviews, Email Marketing and offsite marketing too. 

Sell - Tension Free

Complete seller Care

Seller Based Platform

Asia's first ever seller based platform with complete support & care. We narrate your stories one on one.

List for Free-

Mail your products to us & they will be active  with all the creative data (limitless)

Automatic Payments

You don't need to be on us, you will receive your payments every 7th day of your sale.

Minimal Transaction fee 

Once there is a sale you just need to pay the transaction fee for Razorpay fee of 2% 

We process payments with PayPal, an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from PayPal sales on Nutreatglobal will be deposited into your Bank account.

* Listing fees are billed for INR.12 per each product and should be paid directly to our bank account.

* Offsite advertising is optional for most sellers, but may be required based on how much you make in sales on Nutreat global  in a 12 month period. Visit our Help Centre for more details on Offsite Ads fees.

What we do different !

We guide where ever you need right from packing to promotions

We place you in the right tribe where your products get real value with your stories on all our offsite activities.

Physical entrepreneur meet-ups, to boost you & your motto.

Direct customer details where you can take complete control over your order & customer care


  • Sell only the products that you own or you take responsibility.

  • Strictly no adulterated products or unreal. Sellers who do will be immediately removed from the site without any notice.

  • Brands which are not sold for more than 4months will be removed with a heads up. So please take care that you share your shop page on nutreatglobal in your circle too. 

  • Sending in a perfect & damage proof package is your responsibility. When customers receive a damage parcel its ethical that you have to resend the product or refund within 3 working days. 

  • Tracking numbers should be immediately shared on our email id to keep the customers posted.

  • 100% no fooling please, by all means. 

  • Dispatch dates should be mentioned perfectly while you are listing and any delays should be intimated to our seller help. 

  • Withdrawal from Nutreatglobal should be intimated at least 2 weeks ahead whatever the reason may be.

  • Any extra shipping charges other than mentioned on Nutreatglobal will be borne by the seller.

Strictly No- Dear Sellers

As we promised we take care of everything else that includes instruction, emails, sms, broadcast, tapping calls, promotions etc  and we have promised our shoppers their privacy & respect. So dear sellers please never do the following to the shopper personally. 

Reach your tribe

There is no wrong product on this planet, it is only the wrong tribe that makes it wrong. We understand you & your product in better way and place it in a right tribe where it should be.

Introduce you

Through Videos & Articles

Instruction calls

Best way to introduce your product after purchase

Tapping Calls

Call them after 20days & connect with them for great experience to the customer

What can you sell ?

Anything that you own or take responsibility. We give preference to artisans, farmers, eco-friendly & sustainable curators.

Natural Soap Bars


Various Indian Spices


Paper Craft

Crafts & Books

Sell Globally with Nutreat Global

Nutreat global is a global platform where you will exposed globally but you need not need an IEC, we will take care of it. 

* Shipping charges will be extra which will be mostly borne by the shopper. However if there is any extra seller need to bare. 

* Currency exchange rates should be borne by seller. 

* Nutreat payments will be through the Paypal and transaction charges are applicable.


Feeling Comfortable? 
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Homemade Products

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