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A conscious commerce

Nutreat global is the global marketplace for local and sustainable goods. An exclusive store by sustainable sellers for conscious shoppers

In times of globalisation most of us ignored the precious local made & produce unconsciously. It’s our mission to get back the conscious commerce back by connecting the like minded sellers & shoppers.

With our philosophy of sustainability and conscious living we strive to be on top and spread the awareness of Vocal for Local.

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What Nutreat Global do ?

We are a set of passionate people trying to connect all the sustainable sellers with the conscious shoppers through our creative buzz. We have built this exclusive  platform where you find only the passionate sellers with amazing stuff  that help buyers to pick their perfect match.

Only at Nutreatglobal

Are you a Sustainable Seller ?

Do you have a product that is real and adulterated? Wondering how to sell it? You are on the right page, we help you with all the stuff to be a successful & independent entrepreneur. List it for just INR.12/- and Relax ! we will take care of the rest.

For a Conscious Shopper

We believe every shopper should be aware of what they buy, who made it & for whom it is. Such unique & real products are available with us from our sustainable sellers who involve their 3H, Heart, Head & Hands. Check our stores & stories to relate yourselves & buy the one which is meant for you.


We promise a safe and secure journey between seller & shopper with human ethics. Your healthy relation is our priority and we do it heart. Any help?

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