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  • The snake that shrinks after eating

    Once there lived a snake named "Bakshi" in Naimisharanya. He was 1000 years old and a great foodie, never wasted food. He used to eat abundant amounts of food when young. As he aged was not able to hunt or get any food by himself. Bakshi was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and prayed for him. Pleased with Bakshi's devotion Lord Shiva appeared and asked for his wish. Bakshi wished for immortality and wanted his food right into his mouth without any efforts. Lord Shiva granted his wish as Bakshi never wasted food and said that his wish would be granted. Soon after Lord Shiva disappeared "Bakshi" was into the bellies of all human beings. For few days, Bakshi was delighted he could eat everything a man can without any efforts. Soon realised that his weight was unbearable as all the food was absorbed within him. Bakshi again prayed for Lord Shiva, apologised for his ignorance & requested for some alternate. Lord Shiva again reversed the boon that "Bakshi would shrink when man had enough food and grew back when they doesn't" From then human's have Bakshi in their stomach. When human's don't eat Bakshi grows feeds on their stomach from inside & grows big giving a severe pain. Bakshi remains small and weak when we eat healthy & clean food. On the other hand he grows stronger & bigger when there is no food for a long time. PS: A fictional story no clue in any Indian mythology.

  • Pregnant Women and Monsoon Care

    Monsoon is one of the most loved seasons in India. Monsoon, as lush free season it shares it's feelings with new expectant mothers. The gloomy and humid weather may bring frequent mood swings as well as chances of infections. During pregnancy, monsoons can be quite uncomfortable. Wear weather appropriate clothes; get bedclothes, curtains, washed regularly; don’t walk around barefoot; carry an umbrella when you leave home; wear footwear of the correct size, Many pregnant women crave for street food, which should be avoided during pregnancy, especially during the monsoons. If you want to have sandwich make it at home. How much should I eat and drink? Add more Vitamin C Vitamin C is great for your immunity. It helps to fight infections and enhances iron absorption. More Intake of Fluids It is always advisable for pregnant women to have boiled water, and to meet additional requirements with other fluids such as soup and coconut water (limit only once a week). Eat Fresh and healthy Keep away from street food that and raw chopped vegetables as they have a tendency to absorb moisture which aids bacterial growth. Have traditional homemade foods that are prepared only for you. Instead you can opt for fresh seasonal fruits and freshly cooked dishes. Physical Activity Some evidence that physical activity, reduce the length of labor and postpartum recovery, and reduce the risk of having a cesarean section (or C-section), so carry out regular household chores that you can but don't remain still. External active during your pregnancy Go for a walk in a local park. If you already have children, take them with you and make it a family outing. You can also do activities such as listening to music or taking a prenatal yoga class. Make these tips a habit this monsoon and enjoy yourself stress free. The maternity feelings give you all the health and fitness. Congratulations to both of you.....

  • Daily Romance of Woman and Food

    " Not exaggerating ! This Could be the finest word to explain a woman's relation with food & cooking in her life" Ages together women are in relation with food and cooking. Her daily ritual includes cooking at least one dish with which she gets involved physically, mentally and most importantly emotionally. Every family, at least in India women got the command over her Kitchen and she owns it soulfully. A woman is the key nutritionist, dietician and sometimes a physician of every family without any doubt. She trains and masters herself in nurturing her family according to them individually. Every dish she makes is a solid-proof of her mood and how intensely she is connected with her family. Most of the time she prepares complete family favourite cuisines irrespective of her interests. " The way she gets connected with the food is so intense and it pop-up in her mind very frequently" Starting with breakfast her mind is occupied with many questions about brunch, lunch, snack, drink, dinner and finally the cup of milk at bed. Not for all may be but definitely for a home-maker and it is feeling for a busy-working lady. Don't you accept it ! From selecting the veggies to cutting, purchasing the groceries to storing, learning the recipes to writing a cook book women shows their skill so sensibly and indulging. Apart of being so occupied with wonder-lust recipes she always keeps an eye in giving the healthiest food for her family. But does she do the same for herself ? In olden days women are figured even in agriculture along with her apart from nurturing her family. She always believed that a good family nourishment is a good society nourishment. She did her experiments, tried many more than her capacity and even she made unusual possible with her intelligence and commitment. Today, though many men share the kitchen better , its always the lady that make her relation with food more possessive.

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  • Sell on Nutreat | Nutreat

    "We believe that self-made entrepreneurs are so passionate & produce the real & unadulterated. There are hundreds of communities looking for such unadulterated products" Sell that you Love... "When you have a real & unadulterated product that can serve & make our communities feel better, you are on the right place where millions of people are looking for authentic products from you" Worthy List your products at just INR.12/- & pay only transaction fee, payment processing, and offsite advertising fees when you make a sale. Learn More We take care You just focus on developing & producing real & unadulterated products we will take care of the rest. Stay calm & tell us Learn More Elevate When you do great we elevate you great. Deal ! We put all our efforts to put you in right tribe where exactly you have to be. Learn More Sell - Tension Free Complete seller Care Seller Based Platform Asia's first ever seller based platform with complete support & care. We narrate your stories one on one. Listing at Just INR.12/- Pay only 12/- per each product for listing & they will be active with all the creative data (limitless) Automatic Payments You don't need to be on us, you will receive your payments every 7th day of your sale. Minimal Transaction fee Once there is a sale you just need to pay the transaction fee + Paypal fee of 8% We process payments with PayPal, an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from PayPal sales on Nutreatglobal will be deposited into your Bank account. * Listing fees are billed for INR.12 per each product and should be paid directly to our bank account. * Offsite advertising is optional for most sellers, but may be required based on how much you make in sales on Nutreat global in a 12 month period. Visit our Help Centre for more details on Offsite Ads fees. What we do different ! We guide where ever you need right from packing to promotions We place you in the right tribe where your products get real value with your stories on all our offsite activities. Physical entrepreneur meet-ups, to boost you & your motto. One on one customer care, once you sell leave customer care to us, we will project your product in a right way. You Don't Need "Website Any More" We take care of your complete e-commerce business We will do all your page SEO, SMS Marketing, Broadcasting, Reviews, Email Marketing and offsite marketing too. Seller Responsibilities Sell only the products that you own or you take responsibility. Strictly no adulterated products or unreal. Sellers who do will be immediately removed from the site without any notice. Brands which are not sold for more than 4months will be removed with a heads up. So please take care that you share your shop page on nutreatglobal in your circle too. Sending in a perfect & damage proof package is your responsibility. When customers receive a damage parcel its ethical that you have to resend the product or refund within 3 working days. Tracking numbers should be immediately shared on our email id to keep the customers posted. 100% no fooling please, by all means. Dispatch dates should be mentioned perfectly while you are listing and any delays should be intimated to our seller help. Withdrawal from Nutreatglobal should be intimated at least 2 weeks ahead whatever the reason may be. Any extra shipping charges other than mentioned on Nutreatglobal will be borne by the seller. Strictly No- Dear Sellers As we promised we take care of everything else that includes instruction, emails, sms, broadcast, tapping calls, promotions etc and we have promised our shoppers their privacy & respect. So dear sellers please never do the following to the shopper personally. Reach your tribe There is no wrong product on this planet, it is only the wrong tribe that makes it wrong. We understand you & your product in better way and place it in a right tribe where it should be. Introduce you Through Videos & Articles Instruction calls We take care of product in 3D way Tapping Calls We take the responsibility of tapping your customer regularly What can you sell ? Anything that you own or take responsibility. We give preference to artisans, farmers, eco-friendly & sustainable curators. Handmade Natural/eco-friendly Crafts & Books Sell Globally with Nutreat Global Nutreat global is a global platform where you will exposed globally but you need not need an IEC, we will take care of it. * Shipping charges will be extra which will be mostly borne by the shopper. However if there is any extra seller need to bare. * Currency exchange rates should be borne by seller. * Nutreat payments will be through the Paypal and transaction charges are applicable. Help Feeling Comfortable? Now Sell on Nutreatglobal First Name Last Name Email Product Type Phone Brand Name Type your message here... I agree to the terms & conditions Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Home | Nutreat

    Handpicked collections Direct from the curators, farmers & artisans Handcrafted Foods Stonegrounded foods for all.... Give yourselves the right & real foods with 100% natural resources procured direct from the farmers & crafted by rural women. Shop Now Shop the NEW ARRIVALS Look Now Look what's IN THE SEASON Order Now Shop by Purpose that are crafted with love..... By local & Independent curators of India. Experience the authentic products. Baby Care Shop Now Immune Care Shop Now Everyday Care Shop Now Essentials Shop Now Skin Care Shop Now Exclusively For KIDS Shop Now Seamless Collections FOR WOMEN Order Now Direct from the Artisans SHOP NOW They have a surprise gift for the first 10 customers & also offer 500/- worth products above 3000/- NEWLY ADDED BRANDS Grown Naturally DIRECT FROM THE FARMER Order Now SPECIAL COLUMN CHECK OUT LAUNCH OFFERS UPTO 20% OFF Selected Brands SHOP NOW FOR WRITERS We are Inviting good writers/bloggers to post their creative skills. Check the terms before you SUBMIT WHAT IS NUTREAT GLOBAL ! GROW TOGETHER We believe in growing together and there is no nutreatglobal warehouse, we just get them infront of you, so you can buy some amazing stuff from independent curators. VOCAL FOR LOCAL A country's growth depends on its citizens, how they support each each and so we decided to join our vocal for all local curators. AUTHENTICITY The products sold on Nutreat global are authentic and sold directly by the producers and so you get only the real & unadulterated.

  • Team | Nutreat

    Our Team. The best happens when your ideas are supported by great positive attitude. When the idea of sustainable marketplace was proposed by Jyothi Sri Pappu , it was Satish Kumar P and Swetha Noone who joined their hands & teamed with their positive attitude. ​ Here at Nutreat we buzz with similar attitude & group humans with similar Vision & Values . Jyothi Sri Pappu Founder & CEO Satish Kumar P Chief Financial Advisor Swetha Noone Chief Operational Officer

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