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Revive Regional Foods,explore our multipurpose millet premix and curate the most authentic recipes.High protein,fibre rich,gulten free.

 Owning to its ease of preparation and versatility various recipes can be made to make your meals super healthy,convenient, delectable and break the monotony of regular meals. Also, tiffin meals can be made using it.

Best Quality Ingredients are sourced from local farmers, Roasted, Blended and Ground to give finest Taste. No preservatives added.

Vishi Blends - Multipurpose Flour Premix

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  • Bajra,Jowar,Kala Chana,Green Sabut Moong Dal,Moth Spices,Salt,Chillies,Heeng,Saunf.

    • High Protein
    • Gluten Free
    • Packed with antioxidants
    • Low Glycaemic Index to regulate blood sugar levels.
    • High fibre to lower cholesterol levels.
    • Non-perishable if stored under specified conditions of storage.

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