Baby Care

Handcrafted porridges for babies from 6th month to 2 years.
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Stone grounded porridges & more with all natural ingredients for kids above 2 years.
Women Care
Hand blended Porridges, Concoctions & more for dear lady. Above 13 years.
Everyday Care
Suitable for all aged above 8 years, Handcrafted Porridges rich in Protein, Vitamin etc.
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Elder Care
Porridges are great for people above 50 years & with special health conditions.
More than Porridge
Our rural women can handcraft many more in addition to Porridges. Handmade Cookies, Seasonal Jams & More.
You are unique and so your requirements are ! Customize your Nutreat the way you love or require.
Towards Sustainability
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For Kids